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Equatorial Guinea

Prof. Eugenio Caligiuri (Eugenio Roberto Caligiuri)

EUGENIO ROBERTO CALIGIURI Australian born , Italo-Australian and son of long term Italian migrants to AUSTRALIA who come down under to find better opportunities and freedom.
He holds the following qualifications.
MB BS (Hons); Doctor in Medicine; Master Degree in International Relations; Graduate Diploma in Regional Cooperation and Law University of Chile , Postgraduate Diploma in International Economics Pro-Chile –Diplomatic academy of Chile, PhD in Law, J.D. (US). Gran –PhD Russia ,Justice of the Peace 1984 for New South Wales Australia commissioned by the Governor of New South Wales , Appointed in 2005 Honorary Consul to Romania for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for emeritus service to the country by President TEODORO OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO ,International Electoral Observer to Venezuela appointed by the Venezuelan Electoral Commission in referendum , Revocatorio 2004 and 2005 with Presidents Jimmy Carter and Cesar Gaviria,,
Organizer of the Participation of the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in the Francophone Summit of Heads of State in Bucharest 2006,.In 2009 he has participated has Government Representative of Equatorial Guinea to the World Prosecutor and Attorney General Submit at Bucharest
DR. CALIGIURI was invited has an International jurist at the Islamic Conference of Prosecutors by the Iran Government in Teheran at APRIL 2009.
He teaches on line in several universities in Latin America, United States and Russia, Africa, Member of the International Law Association, International Bar Ass former member, Institute of multi-track diplomacy ,Union Internationale des Avocats Member.

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